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This is a place where helpful information for volunteers and voluntary organizations will be updated


HandsOn Connect How-to Documents

  1. How to: Create an Organization

  2. How to: Create an Opportunity

    1. Creating a Volunteer Opportunity Explained

    2. How to: Scheduling Types

      1. Flow Chart for Choosing Scheduling Type with HandsOn Connect

    3. How to: Create a New Location

    4. How to: Add a New Coordinator

    5. How to: Report Attendance

      1. How to: Reporting Attendance for Undocumented Opportunities

  3. How to: Share an Opportunity

  4. How to: Accept a Volunteer

    1. How to: Contact Volunteers from an Opportunity

  5. How to: Cancel an Opportunity

  6. How to: Create a Report


Opportunity Schedule and Registration Types: Explained 

Description of schedule types.


Automatic emails to volunteers Explained

Explanation of emails sent to volunteers


Sample Volunteer Liability Form (English) (Spanish)

It is important to get your volunteers to sign a liability form.  This can protect you or your organization in case of an accident.


Paper Sign-In Sample Volunteer Sign-In Sheet

In the event that you don't have access to internet, power, or wifi, your organization would need an alternative method to tracking volunteer hours.  A paper form that tracks names, contact information, and work completed would be beneficial.  Once you have access to a computer, you can add the hours to HandsOn Connect.


Donated Equipment Tracking Sheet (Bilingual)

In addition to tracking volunteer hours, the cost of donated equipment can count towards the FEMA cost-share.


Donated Resources Tracking Sheet (Bilingual)

Monetary donations and funds spent on volunteers can be tracked as well.


Housing Volunteer Housing Options

If you need support finding a way to house your volunteers, look at this list.  Last updated 05/08/2018.